Probate Estates & Trusts; Guardianships

Probate Estates & Trusts; Guardianships

We handle all types of probate estates from the very simple to very complex.  When required by a Will we open and administer Trusts under the supervision of the Probate Court.  We also assist with opening and administering Guardianships.  We also assist with Adoptions and foreign Adoptions.

  • Admitting Wills to Probate

  • Filing Wills for Record Only

  • Full Estate Administration (Estates over $35,000.00)

  • Releases from Administration (Estates over $5,000.00 and under $35,000.00)

  • Summary Release from Administration (Estate under $5,000.00)

  • Insolvent (bankrupt) Estates

  • Insolvent (bankrupt) Ohio Medicaid Estates

  • Opening and Maintaining Estate Checking Accounts

  • Adoptions

  • Foreign Adoptions

  • Guardianships of the Person

  • Guardianships of the Estate

  • Conservatorships

  • Administering Trusts Created in Wills

  • Preparation of federal and Ohio estate income tax returns

  • Preparation of federal estate tax returns

  • Preparation of Ohio estate tax returns

  • Sale of real estate through Court Order or by consent of heirs.

  • Filing Court Actions to Declare Rights of Heirs and Other Parties in Estates and Guardianships

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