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General Civil Matters

General Civil Matters

We practice in both the local Municipal Court and Common Pleas Courts.  We represent clients in claims for money, lease evictions representing the landlord or the tenant.  We file suits to clear up ownership questions regarding real estate, to interpret and terminate trusts, and contract disputes.

  • Small Claims Suits in Municipal Court for Money Owed

  • Suits in Municipal Courts for Recovery of Property and Money

  • Suits in Municipal Courts for Eviction

  • Suits in Common Pleas Courts

    • Determining ownership of real estate

    • Removing real estate title problems

    • Interpreting Trusts

    • Partitioning of real estate

    • Transfer ownership of church real estate

    • Representing purchaser in foreclosure suit

    • Suits for money

    • Enforcement of Contracts

  • Suits in the Probate Courts

    • Interpreting Wills and Trusts

    • Identifying Heirs

    • Pre-probating Wills

    • Recovering concealed assets

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